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3/4/2017:  Saw Messers Eckstut and Schwartz at Christmas again Mark has even updated his page on this site! Last night I had dinner here in New Orleans with Michael and his wife Renee here on a milestone birthday weekend. Also caught the "Headhunters" at Snug Harbor. Excellent! Still groovin' after all these years.


2/29/2016:  It was Class of '73 week in New Orleans.  Bob Koch was here on business and we got together for dinner.  And right after that, Mark Schwartz and his wife Marsha arrived in NO to leave on a cruise.  Got to tour the city a bit and hit the Bon Ton Cafe for dinner before they left. Let me know if anyone else is heading this way!


1/18/2016:  Well another year in the books.  Not much music played unfortunately.  Did meet up wih Messrs Schwartz and Eckstut for lunch again just before Christmas.  Also, have been watching RPI hockey on RPITV and Chromecasting up to the big TV.  Works really well.  They do a great job.  I highly recommend it!  If you check it out and like it please consider going to and support the club.


1/25/2015:  Had lunch with Mr. Eckstut and Mr. Schwartz up in NJ over the holidays.  Nice to visit.  Michael moved to NJ last fall. Hopefully, he'll provide an update on his page so you can see what he's up to.  Schwartz needs to give an update on his kids!


Our band is lacking a singer again so we're out of business for the moment.  Fortunately, I'm still involved in backing her up on her own project. Check out   See Ya!


Update 10/23/2013:  Had a lot of fun at the Reunion.  Wish more of you had attended.  Also enjoyed updating the website and hope we can turn it into something special by adding memories from all the past Reunions.  Send me stuff!!


Update 3/5/2012:  This will be more like a blog post but so what?  I've been following the hockey team pretty closely the last few years, listening to a lot of the games on WRPI on the web.  Last night they beat Clarkson in the first round of the ECAC playoffs. Yesterday morning the band played along the route of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Rock & Roll Marathon and for good luck, I wore my official RPI hockey sweater.  On to Union! Better keep the jersey on.  



Update 9/22/10:  Well since I've been begging for updates, I guess I ought to provide one.  I was getting ready to say that I'd gotten into another band, playing keyboards, but before I got around to it, I got the boot for not "speaking the same musical dialect".. Oh well.  First time I ever got fired from a job.


Spent a good amount of time watching the BP fiasco this summer.  Leave us say, those boys screwed up big time... for everyone.  Hopefully mother nature will do her thing quickly.  Take care.

Original post: Originally from Englewood NJ. Moved to New Orleans after graduation to work for Shell Oil. Spent the majority of career in Well Completions.  Worked on wells in TX, LA, AL and MS and Offshore Gulf of Mexico.  Got to consult worldwide. Specialized in sour gas (H2S) completion technology. Worked on Shell's first Tension Leg Platform in the Gulf, Auger, which was in 2,962 feet of water. Also completed what were the deepest Subsea wells in the world at the time (5,320' WD) at Prospect Mensa. Took early retirement in 2004 to pursue a second carreer in music.  Joined "Juniper Row" shortly after retiring. Also played in a band I started called "mean free path". Check out, and Never married, (that's why I could retire at 52 and try for rock stardom!)  


Juniper Row at Carrollton Station New Orleans

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