Bruce S. Tannenbaum
Senior Software IT Specialist, Content Discovery Services
Tel: 781-895-2746 T/L: 362-2746 Mobile: 603-943-1431

Straight outta Yonkers, NY, I spent time as a radio announcer in the Capital District and the Mohawk Valley before moving into the High Technology world. I've worked for technology giants Wang Laboratories, Stratus Computer and Informix Software before finding my way to IBM. I began as an Assembly Language programmer and I've worked in various capacities along the way - Compiler jockey, Technical Trainer, Voice Applications Developer, Presales Engineer, Technical Support - and with multiple languages and operating systems. For awhile I was a member of the ISO/ANSI C and C++ Committees. Informix gave me exposure to the worlds of databases, Java and J2EE. At IBM I'm a Content Discovery (Search) subject matter expert, helping our customers with their search and discovery issues.

My jobs have taken me to parts of the world I thought I'd never see - Singapore, Dublin, Brussels, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Paris, to name a few. One of my favorite trips has been a yearly jaunt to Sao Paulo, Brazil. A great opportunity to enjoy Chopp and Picanha in the little neighborhood bars with meus amigos Brasilieros.

Outside of work, I still enjoy music of all sorts. While living in the Capital District I was a Vice President of the Capital District Jazz Society, in charge of the monthly meeting programs. In that capacity, I met many famous and upcoming jazz musicians, interviewiing them for radio and Schenectady Cablevision as well as having them speak at our meetings. My favorite memory is that of a two-hour interview with avant-garde pianist and bandleader Sun Ra outside of a hotel in Schenectady's Hamilton Hill. Also, we put on a day of jazz at the Clifton Country Mall featuring local artists, and a concert at the Hamilton Hill Arts Festival also with a local flavor.

My wife Juliana and I live in Dunstable, Massachusetts, just across the border from Nashua, NH (and we're avid Boston Red Sox fans). Between us we have three kids (all adults), and three grandchildren. I was our town's cable chairman for many years and we stay involved in town affairs. Also, we do the 20-mile "Walk for Hunger" each year in Boston, raising funds for the hungry in Massachusetts. 2008 will bring my 24th consecutive walk!!!

So many of our classmates live in the New England area. I get a chance to see many of my WRPI and RPI Players peers at a barbecue held each summer by one of the group. But there are so many of you I'd like to hear from. Please feel free to contact me! My address is 565 Pleasant Street, Dunstable MA 01827. You may reach me via phone (978-649-3209) or email ( See you at Reunion '08!!!!