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The Woodlands, TX 77381          

Chemical Engineering                            Shell/The Superior Oil Co./Mobil/ExxonMobil
Posted 2/13/2017: Since you asked, here's an update on my recent life changes. I retired from the oil business April 1, 2016 (fooled 'em for nearly 42 years!). It was a fascinating career involved in designing oil and gas wells all around the world with memorable trips to places like Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Nigeria, Abu Dhabi, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Alaska, etc. My wife Barbara and I still live in The Woodlands, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Our 2 daughters, Jessica and Elizabeth, have given us 4 beautiful grandchildren over the last 4 years, one girl Molly, and 3 boys, Henry, Ben and Roy. They are wonderful blessings, but unfortunately live quite some distance away in Memphis and Washington DC. So our travel budget is pretty large. Last month I was doing some internet surfing and found a book published in 2016 with my picture (and others) on the front! The book was written by a sports reporter from my home town of Ashland, Kentucky. I played for 5 different state baseball champions in the 60's from Little League through High School. It included a 1-0 victory over a pitcher by the name of Don Gullet during my senior year in high school - he pitched in the World Series the very next season for the Reds, and ended his career with the New York Yankees. I knocked in the only run of the game against him. The book is about the legacy of the teams that I and others played for. Quite a pleasant surprise to find it. I see several familiar names on the address list from your email, including one of my 2 freshman roommates at Hall Hall, Mike Alicea, and would love to hear from some of you with a quick note.