Gerard  (Jake) Szatkowski, PhD

Technical Project Mngr. Flight Demos & SmallSats
Human Launch Services & Advanced Programs
United Launch Alliance (ULA),  Denver,CO
w 303-269-5512  (
c 720-217-8817)

Dr. Szatkowski is a senior staff engineer in the Advanced Programs development team at ULA.  He has acted as project manager for SmallSat accommodations responsible for coordinating development of Small Spacecraft carriers on the Atlas and Delta launch vehicles for United Launch Alliance.

Dr Szatkowski has 35 years experience in the aerospace industry.  Most recently, he has acted as the Team Lead to develop the Auxiliary Payload Systems Unit for the past 3 years.  He was chief engineer for the ALS (Advanced Launch System) and EELV (Expendable Evolved Launch Vehicle) Ground Command and Control System and was the chief architect for consolidation of the ground command and telemetry analysis systems used today by the Atlas and soon the Delta launch vehicles.  He led a team to develop ground-to-satellite control and telemetry analysis for multiple ground systems on classified programs.  He developed the first automated single and dual-fault tolerant analysis tool for complex ground and launch vehicles that included interoperable electro-mechanical systems, flight software, and ground launch sequencing used for CCAFS, VAFB, Space Shuttle, and Atlas systems.  He led many R&D efforts for avionics systems including the first applications of Expert Systems for telemetry analysis, first Neural Networks for predictive airborne system failures, and the computerized Automated Data Monitoring Systems (ADMS) used today for vehicle telemetry.

Degrees from RPI:  BS (73) Mechanical Eng, ME (74) Electro-mech Eng., MS (75) Electrical controls Eng., MS (76) Management, PhD (76) Systems Eng.


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