Dan Szatkowski                 Sadly, Dan died of a heart attack in 2014.  RIP.

Update 12/20/10  Wanted to update on my latest work move out here in rainy Southern California

Extended Stay America - Temecula - Wine Country
27622 Jefferson Ave.  #206
Temecula, CA 92590

The amount of time I stay in Extended Stay hotels working I should be part owner

Update- Been working towards getting both knees replaced early next year--   been on a weight loss tear as part of it and dropped 180 pounds ....some recent pix at the Hollywood Madame Toussauds Wax Museum attached




Original Post (2008)


279 E Main St                              

Newport VT 05855                       

802-310-7330 cell                       


Letís see. A 35 year journey that has taken me to 49 of the 50 states (still trying to get to Hawaii) throughout Canada, to Mexico and Brazil, and many trips through Europe mainly in the UK and Vienna.

It started with a couple years teaching at a small Catholic High School in Saratoga Springs where I was half the Math and Science departments as well as coach of several sports. It kept me in the area as many friends continued at RPI for advanced degrees. I then headed back home to Buffalo and had stints at Westwood Pharmaceuticals, FMC and Union Carbide, I settled in for a 7 year stint at Hooker Chemicals (now Occidental Chemicals) in Niagara Falls, NY.  When the recession hit in early 80ís and the downsized research I went to an environmental lab for a while before heading out to the Midwest and landing in St. Joseph, MO with Farmland Industries for a few years. I seemed to be picking for a while places to work that were being bought out or closed down shortly after starting. I then set up a new environmental lab in Kansas City for a new waste hauler before heading out to Sedalia MO to work at a new Alcolac Plant built out there. You can Google Alcolac if you donít know their story , but I soon went back to an environmental lab in Kansas City which was bought out a year later and then on to Salina KS where I settled in for quite a while.

I worked up to assistant lab director at an environmental lab that soon got bought out and went out on my own doing consulting for environmental labs and dabbled in selling used lab instruments. A drilling company asked me to help setup a lab with them to support their environmental work and I became director and part owner of another environmental lab. During this time I became more and more interested in computers and chemistry especially the emerging LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) business. As the environmental world was dying down, I picked up a US distributorship for a UK based LIMS Company and became North American sales and support manager. This led to trips to HQ in London and several user sites throughout North and South America

Changing from being a labrat to a computer aided chemistry consultant in the late 90ís was a big career change and I joined a consulting firm and started supporting LIMS installations for many vendors and traveled all over US and Europe. Oops!! Forgot to mention, during that time was married and divorced three times. Also made it back for the 25th reunion. While working at a site in Rouses PT NY I met my present girlfriend and left the Midwest for the cold in Vermont about 4 years ago where I currently am based out of and still doing the LIMS consulting. Presently I am in the San Francisco area working on an assignment. My girlfriend, Jen, has a son Will who will be 6 in June and she raises and trains horses for a living. We own 5 horses and they take up her time training, showing and doing trail rides with them.