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Management Engineering        VP Easton Consultants

Left hometown Corning NY and headed off to the Big Apple for an extended junior year co-op assignment at Citibank and never looked back.  Spent the next 25 years at Citi when they were reshaping the banking industry, first during the re-engineering and computerization of  back-office operations and later during the expansion of consumer banking at the dawn of the internet.  Got to see much of the world with family in tow thanks to Citi, including international postings in Greece and Japan in the 80s.  Left Chicago and Citi in the late 90s for Atlanta-based Equifax until BroadVision came calling during the wave to install large-scale ecommerce sites.   Currently working with Easton-Consultants (strategy, M&A focused on information, technology and media industries) and co-authored a book on the use of logistic curve techniques in business and pricing strategy formulation.

In 2008 well officially be empty-nesters as our son heads off to college.  Two of our three adult daughters are married and we have one granddaughter.  Priscilla and I were married in 1975; shes been a life-long Red Sox fan so our return to the Boston area was inevitable. 

A few years ago we traded our houses in Atlanta and Cape Cod for a 1850s Cape Cod Greek Revival, which we restored inside and out.  With room to spare, we look forward to many years of children (and grandchildren) returning for summer vacation and annual holidays.  I expect well draw down our frequent flyer miles as well, visiting family and friends scattered around the globe.

Been back to several RPI reunions its been wonderful to remain connected!  Looking forward to seeing many more faces this year.