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Mechanical Engineering             Instron Corporation: retired

I hung out at RPI til 74 to collect my masters then almost immediately married Betty, my first and current wife. In fact, I was thinking about going to the reunion this year, and kind of finessing it in with our 34th anniversary, but then it turns out that Betty’s big retirement bash is also that weekend. Maybe next time. For those of you who have never heard of me, it’s probably because I spent a lot of time on Betty’s campus 200 miles away in Bridgewater, MA instead of studying, drinking, etc. in Troy. Anyhow, it all turned out good. Did all kinds of mechanical engineering stuff (including design of some ceramics testing equipment sold to RPI), ended up being a VP in a couple companies, and just retired in January from Instron (world leader, materials testing equipment). The retirement didn’t completely take, since I am now working on a consulting basis with Foresight Science and Technology, a small company based in Providence, RI that facilitates technology transfer.

Produced a couple of great kids. The younger son is getting married this July and we’re psyched about that. The older son co-founded an up-and-coming brain training website a couple years ago. Now that we know about neuroplasticity, there is still a chance for you 57 year olds to make up for some of that “drinking, etc.” you did in the 70’s. Check it out (www.lumosity.com).