Larry McKeen     Cell: 609-315-1505

Chemistry    DuPont

After graduation I did not return to RPI for thirty years. I started graduate school in the chemistry department at the University of Wisconsin, where I earned a Ph.D. in 1978. UW-Madison is a wonderful school, almost as good as RPI and most graduating Ph.D.’s headed for university teaching, but I opted to go for industry and joined DuPont in Philadelphia. I started as a mass spectroscopist but got bored and DuPont found me an assignment in a product development/R&D group working with fluoropolymers, often called Teflon®. My specialty has been in coatings. I have been in that group ever since though I am now located in Wilmington Delaware. I have worked with dozens of industries around the world, and developed many products for them. Some of the best known include, Canon, IBM, Xerox, McDonalds, and Glaxo. One product that has done very well was the non-stick coating that is on the inside of most metered dose inhalers that people use to treat their asthma. I am now working on Teflon® type coatings for the oil industry, and write technical books in my spare time.

Skiing is one of my interests and I met my wife Linda on a ski trip to Lake Placid and we were married in 1982. We live in New Jersey, between Philly and Atlantic City. We have three kids, Lindsey is the oldest, now 23. She is the reason I returned to RPI as she decided to go there and majored in biomedical engineering. She graduated in 2007 but decide to stay on and work on her doctorate in biology. Mike is 21 and is majoring in business at James Madison University in Harrisonburg VA. The youngest, Steve is a secondary education major (math and science) at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

While the kids were growing up, the boys got into competitive soccer and Lindsey into softball and all played all over the country. I actually became a FIFA licensed referee for a few years. My other interests are golf and poker, and I take at least one golf trip to North Carolina and one ski trip, usually to Lake Tahoe, every year. When my youngest boy turns 21 we are planning on playing in the WSOP.

Unfortunately, I have lost track of nearly all our classmates. In recent years I have exchanged emails or talked with several. Our only classmate I see occasionally is Carol (Jigliotti) whom I visit when I get to Houston on business.


Larry with daughter Lindsey, RPI '07 and Karen and Wayne Ranbom with son Mike, RPI '07 at the Biomedical Engineering graduation dinner