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Physics        ExxonMobil         Retired        Now:  Independent Geophysical Contractor

Christmas 2014:  Carol reported in that she's married again!

Profile Updated 5/23/2013:  Since I graduated in 1973 from RPI with a degree in Physics, I went on to work for AT&T Long Lines for almost a year, before returning to RPI to teach one semester, Remedial Physics, and Advanced Physics Lab. I married and moved to the University of Wisconsin, where I got my MS and PhD in Oceanography and Limnology with majors in geology and geophysics, respectively. I left Madison in 1980 for Houston, Texas, after my divorce. to work for Exxon Production Research. I married again, had two children.  My daughter who was born in 1983, is an emergency room nurse,  in Norfolk, Virginia, and is married to a Naval officer.  My son was born in 1984, and is a respiratory therapist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.  They were 'Irish Twins'.

Sadly, I divorced again, but happily I remarried in 2004. I guess I am just the marrying kind.  Lost third husband recently to early onset dementia, so I am single again !!!  Not used to being single any more, been married most of my life, but am getting used to it now.

I have been living and working in Houston since 1980 in the oil industry, over half my life. I retired from ExxonMobil with 27 years and 1 month of service in July 2007. I stayed retired only one year and became an independent geophysical contractor.  I work across the street from the downtown ExxonMobil building for two separate oil and gas independent companies, both located in the same building. 

I became a certified yoga instructor last November with 300 hours of training, and have built up a class of 10-17 regular students at a health club in Kingwood.  Between that and my part time jobs downtown, I am well grounded.

I like taking road trips on my Harleys.  I have two, a Sporty and a Heritage Softtail.  One is my run around town bike and the other my long distance cruiser.  The pictures are of the various bikes I have owned over the years, the white one is my latest, the Heritage.  Went on a 'ghost ride' to Nachez, Mississippi October, 2012, which is when this pic was taken.  I was the only one who got a picture of a ghost !!!

Please encourage others to update their profiles. I don't see too many people from RPI, but I did go to the 30th reunion.  I hope to see you at the 40th !!!