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Posted 1/1/18: After 44 years at IBM, the time has come to boldly go where I have not gone before - retirement.  I have been very fortunate to have been passionate about  my job, my products, my colleagues and my customers over my many years at IBM.  I have had an interesting diverse career doing mainframe security at IBM that included  offering management, strategy, architecture, marketing, development, homeland security and services based on RACF,  zSecure and cryptographic  products. To all my friends and colleagues, thank you for the pleasure of working with you over the years.  

My first "mission" after I retire will be volunteer work at my local library where I am a trustee on their board of directors.  And of course more quality time in Florida with my family.  

As I leave,  the last remaining item in my office will be the original Star Ship Enterprise NCC-1701 model pictured below  which has proudly hung over my desk at work.

Live long and prosper  Peace and long life :)

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