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(2011) Bob has moved to St. Louis and taken a job with the Wood Group.  Update promised.

Original Post (2008)


When I graduated RPI I took a long vacation with Mark Schwartz – we toured the USA for 6 weeks before we both started working for Westinghouse in Pittsburgh.  It was awesome.  We stayed with relatives, camped in Yellowstone & Yosemite, visited Dave Maycheck, Howard Dellman and a few other Crockett Hall boys in ‘Vegas, where they were going to make their fortune, and fell in love numerous times on the way.  The next 10 years were all a blur!  But, I must have done alright because I made it past 30 and, given the wild life in my 20’s it’s nothing short of miraculous!  I’m sure most of you have similar memories (or lack thereof).

I spent 17 years with Westinghouse (Mark left a little sooner).  Along the way I got married to a wonderful woman in 1980, we adopted 2 children – Kristin in 1984 and Matt in 1989, lived in the Pittsburgh area, in Springfield Illinois– where I met my wife – back to Pittsburgh– where we did our adoptions - and on to Spartanburg, SC as manager of a Nuclear Equipment RepairCenter for Westinghouse.  Of course, after the nuclear industry faded, I was looking for something else, so I left Westinghouse and joined Joy Environmental Systems in Charlotte(we moved again).  With Joy I was soon appointed VP & General Manager of Services and was moved to the Philadelphia area (2 years after moving to Charlotte).  From there, things went down hill.  Joy was a financially challenged firm and was sold to Harnischfeger Industries for the mining business.  They sold the Environmental business to Diamond Power, who added their own executive tier at the expense of the Joy team – common in many buyouts.  So we packed up and moved (for a year) to Tennessee with a company in the Power business.  That didn’t work and we moved to New Jersey with Graver Water Systems.  After about 2 years the business was combined with another Marmon Group company and I got to Join Elliott Company – in Pittsburgh.  That was 1999 and thankfully we’re still in the Pittsburgh area today.

Enough of my career – my children are the light of my life and they are both taking rather unconventional paths to greatness.  Kristin is 23 and living (surviving) in San Diego.  She tried the college route at WVU for a couple of years and couldn’t figure out how to make her 8:00classes – which proved problematic.  She’s working as a teller in one branch of WAMU – one of the largest S&L’s and is really doing great things in their customer service organization.  Remind me if we get together at reunion to tell you her story of moving from Pittsburgh to San Diego– it’s hilarious!

Matt’s in an accelerated program at Full Sail in Orlando and has been getting top grades. He wants to go into Recording and Production in the Music business, and we wish him great success.  This is his passion so he’s going to be fine and go far.

Billie, the love of my life, is a teacher in the Westmoreland County school system where we live.  She teaches English as a second language to elementary students at 3 different schools and is constantly on the go.  That’s a good thing, since my job with Elliott as Manager of Field Services takes my on national and international trips with great regularity (every week).  She keeps busy with her work and several clubs she is involved with.

We really love the location – Pittsburgh is such a diverse cultural city – and the friends we’ve made.  After all our travels it’s good to be able to call a place “home”.  Of course, this has probably jinxed it and put us in position to move again!  Hopefully the next move will be to a warm climate and a golf course!

I really look forward to seeing everyone at Reunion and catching up on the last 35 years.