Dewey Hess

Chemistry                DuPont

Thirty-five years.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS?!!  Oh my gosh, where has the  

time gone?  Feels like I am still taking off.  There is still so much  

to do, so much to see, so much to discover, just so much more.  How  

could thirty-five years have past?


             I donít normally reflect on the past as there is so much  

more ahead than behind but for those that might be curious, I guess  

it is time for a little update on these past thirty-five years.   

After leaving graduate school, I joined the same little chemical  

company as Larry McKeen and Paul Soper, who I see with some  

regularity.  Shortly after joining the company, I discovered the  

benefits of the warm climates and moved to the third coast where I  

have lived ever since.  I now consider myself to be a native Texan  

who just had the misfortune of being born somewhere else.


             My career has been pretty typical of those in small  

chemical companies.  I have done a little of everything from bench  

chemistry to running manufacturing units to global technology  

management and being part of a couple global business teams.  Now I  

am part of business critical projects, mentoring new scientists and  

engineers, and a wee bit of teaching.  Doing the things one loves is  

a great way to make a living.  And while my current career has been  

fun, challenging and exciting, in a next few years I plan to take my  

leave from the chemical industry and start my next career.  After  

all, life is the challenge of change.


             As for my personal life, there have been an assortment  

of upís and downís.  Along the way, I collected more than a few  

exís.   Over the years I have had an image published on the cover of  

a Sierra Club regional calendar, shot the images for a firemanís  

charity calendar, played a little semi-pro ball, traveled about,  

rebuilt a house after a fire only to have to do it again after  

Hurricane Rita, and more.  I can honestly say that the past has been  

more good than bad but I look forward to next challenge.


             So while I wonít be at the thirty-fifth reunion, I hope  

you are healthy, comfortable, and have found happiness.  Maybe I will  

see you at the fiftieth!  And if anyone still reading this is  

curious, here are a couple of images taken of me during the last  

couple of years.