Peggy Espey Bree              e-mail:


Biomedical Engineering             Retired    

I'm retired now and divide my time between Annapolis, Savannah, Sanibel, and trail riding my horse in the mountains. I have a very full and active life, volunteering, visiting friends, and exploring new places.

What happened between 1973 and now? I earned a MS in Biomedical Engineering and another MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins. From 1977 to 1987 I held a variety of management positions at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), working my way up to Software Operations Manager. The ultimate perk was being nominated to attend a 6 week Executive MBA at Harvard Business School.

In 1987 I started my own corporation, training people to apply computers and technology to enhance their job performance. Some of my largest clients included the World Bank, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the US Department of Agriculture, the US Postal Service, IBM, Baltimore Gas and Electric, and the Air National Guard. I still do some consulting work to keep my brain active. I like to design training programs, develop training manuals, and prepare user guides.

I hope all of you are enjoying your post RPI life!



Peggy (right) and Pam Scholl (Center) in the Quad back in the day.