Michael Eckstut                email: meckstut@gmail.com


Chemical Engineering

After RPI, I spent a few years as an engineer for DuPont and then went to Harvard Business School. Since Harvard, Iíve had at least three careers, each enjoyable in its own right and each drawing on my background from RPI, and occasionally even intersecting with an RPI grad or two. I would best describe myself as an experienced senior business professional with a broad range of business and operational experience in large, small and early stage companies in the pharmaceutical and life science industries as an executive, investor, advisor, consultant and board member.  I am currently part of the senior management team of a 250 person consulting firm where I head the Life Sciences consulting practice.

My wife Renee and I have been living in San Francisco for the last 10 years and try to enjoy all that the Bay Area has to offer. My two oldest, 25 year old Martina (a Syracuse grad) lives and works in NYC, my son Robert, now 22, started at RPI but alas left after a brief career and now lives in Boston, our youngest, 16 year old Amanda is a high school junior and driving her parents crazy.

I try to stay involved with the local RPI alumni organization here in the Bay Area and I am happy to say that our numbers are growing rapidly. I would be delighted to meet up with my classmates.  I will try to make the Reunion but if I donít, all the best