Leslie Craigue            E-mail:  LCraigue@nycap.rr.com

214 Woodscape Dr.

Albany NY 12203

Home Phone:  518-446-9344

Despite the many challenges of the times, I managed to graduate RPI with a B.S. in Mathematics (of Computation).

I programmed mainframes for a few years, and then traveled, and re-settled back in the Capitol District of New York.

I endeavored to use my science background to succeed in the trades (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, masonry, etc.).

After a few years, I married, began raising a family, and got a real job again as a programmer for NYS Tax and Finance, doing computerized audits and writing the Penalty and Interest Accrual Subsystem.

In 1989 I moved on to the NYS Workersí Compensation Board as a Systems Programmer, managing a Digital VAX-VMS Mini-Cluster (remember them?).  Since then, Iíve been involved in developing, managing, and maintaining a statewide client- server network.

My two sons have grown up and gone to college, and Iíve re-married (to Margaret Addeo).

Iím still interested in reading popular science books and articles, and I take college courses occasionally.  For recreation, my wife and I do Irish set dancing.