Michael Alicea              e-mail: bronxny711@verizon.net

5358 Eliots Oak Rd.              (H) 410-997-5662

Columbia, MD 21044           (C) 301-922-0855

Retired from Verizon on Nov, 2004, where I was a Software Engineer with them (for 25 years).  I am currently working for Homeland Security in the Maryland Fusion Center, performing ad hoc reports, investigations and their help line.  Interesting work, but no programming . . . thank God.  I moved from Wayne, NJ to Columbia, MD in 1995 after spending 16 years in New Jersey.  I have 2 kids, Vanessa & Joshua (26 & 20 years, respectively), and married to my second wife, Adela (together for 18 years now).  Adela has 2 kids, Audrey & Richard (37 & 36), living in Boston & San Diego, respectively.  God willing, once my son graduates from John Jay College (NYC) in 3 years, I look to retire for good by 2012.  We have a condo apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay, right on the beach, which we will spend half the year in (their Summers are our Winters, so you can guess when we'll be down there).  The other half of the year we will probably end up in Rhode Island, maybe Providence, so we can be near our only grandchild to date, Laura (3 years old), currently living in Boston . . . but you never know.